Lagos Water Regatta

Lagos Water Regatta

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The dominant vegetation of Lagos State is the swamp forest consisting of the fresh water and mangrove swamp forests, both of which are influenced by the double rainfall pattern of the state, which makes the environment a wetland region. Generally, the state has two climatic seasons: dry (november – March) and wet (April – october). The drainange system of the state is characterized by a maze of lagoons and water ways, which constitutes about 22% of 787sq km (75.755 hectares) of the state total land mass. the major water bodies are the Lagos and Lekki Lagoons. Yewa and Ogun rivers, other are Ologe Lagoons, Kuramo waters, epe, Badagry, Give cowries and omu.

Lagos State is inhabited by the Aworis and Ogus in Ikeja and Badagry divisions respectively, with the ogus being found mainly in Badagry. whilw indigenous population of Lagos is Aworis, there is, nevertheless, an admixture of other pioneer immigrant settlers-Yorubas, Brazillian, Kannike, etc collectively called Lagosians but appropriately referred to as the Ekos.

The indigenes of Ikorodu and Epe Divisions are mainly the Ijebus with pockets of eko-Awori settlers along the coastland and riverine areas. While the state is essentially a yoruba-speaking environment, it is nevertheless a global socio-cultural melting pot attracting Nigerians, Africans and foreigners alike.


The situation is attributable to its sound economic base, strategic maritime location and socio-political importance which induce a high rate of rural-urban migration to the state.

The Lagos Water Regatta is a water-based cultural sporting and recreational activities put together to exhibit diverse functions of the boat as put to use, in the yester-years, from community to community. The 2014 edition of the fiesta will showcase a parade of deorated floats on the creeks around Lagos Island, Ikoyi, Victoria Island and Lagos mainland. All the regatta floats will consist of large fishing boats, ferries, barges and other marine vessels adorned with them as depicting, social, cultural, traditional folklores and occupationa aspects of the people of Lagos State.

The parade of speed Boats and Yatchs will also be featured by Boat Clubs, Association and organizations who are actually the trail-blazers in water based events. essentially, these floats will be adorned as depicting social, cultural, traditional folklores and occupationa aspects of the people of Lagos State.

Also paddled Canoe racing competition which will involve al the 57 Local Government Council in Lagos State. Swimming competition across the five cowries creek channels in lagos, Kayak racing competition et al.

The presentation of 2015 Lagos State Boat Regatta will hold on April 19th 2015 and it is open for public-private participation, may we use this medium to solicit for your partnership in order to engender corporate / personal social responsibilities. Eko o ni ba je o

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